Arizona Registrar of Contractors

Lawyers Practicing Before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Office of Administrative Hearings

Are you a contractor or desire to be a contractor?  If so, you need to know that absent few limited exemptions, every contractor in Arizona is  required to be licensed by an administrative agency called the Registrar of Contractors (aka, the ROC).  The Registrar of Contractors has authority under law not only to license contractors, but also to regulate the profession of contracting.   Included in its power, the ROC has a statutory mandate to police the profession and to punish contractors who violate its administrative rules and laws. 

Our law firm practices construction law and has extensive experience with matters involving the Registrar of Contractors. Thomas Craven, PLLC has represented contractors in scores of cases before the ROC. 

If you are looking to get licensed but seemingly cannot due to a past felony record or financial issues, our lawyers can help.  We have successfully assisted many clients before several of Arizona's agencies, including the Registrar of Contractors.  

If you are already a licensed contractor and find yourself charged by the Registrar of Contractors with violations of Arizona's contracting laws, you need to now that those charges can be very serious and have the potential of carrying sanctions ranging from censure and civil fines, to suspension and possibly revocation of your contractor’s license.  In the event the ROC's charge proceeds to a citation, your matter will then proceed to the Office of Administrative Hearings (the “OAH”) for a formal hearing before an administrative law judge.  The OAH operates much like a regular court, and has its own set of complicated rules and procedures, most of which may be unfamiliar to you.  

The lawyers of our Thomas Craven can provide a range of services, from simple consultation to actually representing you before the Registrar of Contractors and the Office of Administrative Hearings.   If you would like our assistance ROC or OAH matter, please feel free to call us to set up an initial consultation.    

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